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On-Demand Webinar: ESG and Greenwashing - Strategies for Sustainability Communications

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ESG and Greenwashing: Strategies for Sustainability Communications

A key part of every brand’s reputation is how they communicate their approach to sustainability. In this webinar, we’ll be delving into the topic of Greenwashing in ESG communications.

Join this webinar to hear from Charlie Ayling, Head of Marketing for EMEA (EN) on some of the latest trends in ESG communication - then from leading published ESG researches, Professor Fiona Cownie, on what the research tells us.

Expect to learn:

  • The latest industry data and trends in ESG and Greenwashing
  • How to approach SDGs and reporting
  • What the research says about Greenwashing
  • Actionable tips to avoid Greenwashing and create authentic go-to-market messaging

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