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On-Demand Webinar: ESG 2.0: Enhancing Sustainability through Social Media

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Back in March, we shared how organisations use Social Media for communication and awareness of ESG and how they can measure the impact of their strategies in APAC.

In this episode, Ravi Chidambaram, Founder and CEO of RIMM Sustainability shared the state of ESG, addressing the current issues in 1.0 and what 2.0 looks like, including the significance of stakeholder assessment, effective reporting practices, social media sentiment analysis, and benchmarking.

Ravi is joined by Jose Bayani Baylon, Chief Sustainability Officer of Nickel Asia, where he discussed the importance of a data-driven approach that could strengthen our ESG positioning and the role of social media in their sustainability journey. The session was moderated by Ashley Lim, our Solutions Expert.

Watch this on-demand webinar for an insightful session that will give you a comprehensive understanding of ESG, it's current stand, and its relationship with social media.

Tip: Revisit this webinar on how to track and measure your ESG communication strategy and read our guide to modern PR to discover how PR can act as a champion for your overall marketing strategy.

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