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On-demand Webinar: Should I be Insourcing or Outsourcing my Digital Marketing Efforts?

Should I be insourcing or outsourcing my digital marketing efforts?

These are questions we're often asked by marketing executives and business owners alike.

Digital marketing has realised exponential growth over the last three years with both digital marketing spend significantly increasing as a category and businesses investing in digitising their operations and services to sell online.

As potential global recession looms, marketers and businesses are going to be asking a few questions around insourcing or outsourcing their digital marketing efforts.

This talk will discuss the options and provide more input on the following:

  • What is a trend, what is fad and how do I distinguish between the two?
  • What are the pros and cons of insourcing vs outsourcing digital marketing?
  • Why the concept of 'outsourcing' will always survive.
  • Where to from here for digital marketing agencies?

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