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Innovation insights Q1 2023: The newest for social reporting

The world has seen significant digital growth in the last year and with 53% of organisations stating that social has become more important for their organisations due to economic uncertainties, the question is: what are the implications for your social reporting and strategy?

In our masterclass "Innovation Insights Q1: Taking your social reporting to the next level", Chalie Ayling our Head of Marketing EMEA (EN) is joined by Sarah Mulvin, Key Account Manager and Natalie Vass, Product Specialist at Meltwater, to walk you through the major trends in the digital space and new feature releases that will allow you to step up your reporting game in this first quarter of 2023. Ready to leverage rising opportunities?

What you'll learn:

  • Expand your understanding of the current state of the digital world
  • Identify the current challenges in capturing relevant insights from social
  • Learn more about the latest industry trends
  • Put the insights into practice using newly release features (with demo)

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