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Swedish On-demand Webinar: 7 Tips from a Competitive Intelligence Analyst

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Are you eager to find out more about how you can use Competitive Intelligence to boost your organization and how CI analysts work to maintain constant awareness? Then this video is perfect for you. Get useful tips on how to draw the greatest benefit from your Competitive Intelligence!

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About the video

Are you curious whether you have comprehensive Competitive Intelligence and whether CI work has an impact on your organization? Then you need to watch this webinar and listen closely. CI analyst Lina Lidell presents 7 tips to help you achieve greater success in your Competitive Intelligence.

This webinar will teach you:

  • How to get your organization to incorporate Competitive Intelligence
  • What makes the consequences of intelligence so key
  • How to incorporate trend- and future watching into strategic planning
  • Why it is important to talk CI
  • Some mistakes you can avoid

Discover how Meltwater helps PR and marketing teams monitor media coverage across both news and social media and enhance brand management.

About Lina Lidell

Lina Lidell Portrait

Lina Lidell works as a Competitive Intelligence analyst at SKL Kommentus. Lina works both in strategic Competitive Intelligence and analysis of trend- and future watching. With extensive experience from the survey industry working for Kantar Sifo and Novus, and in her work as a CI analyst for SL and SOS Alarm, Lina has developed solid expertise in conducting successful Competitive Intelligence.

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