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Consumer behavior is changing faster than ever. Environmental, economic, social and political changes continue to influence the way consumers research and buy products and solutions. In order to survive this increasingly competitive business environment, companies must create customer-centric strategies.

Thanks to social media data and modern technology, companies can now easily gain insight into the search and purchase behavior of customer groups. 

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Get to understand your buyer

In today's digital world the likes of social media platforms, online comments, review sites and forums all serve as a treasure trove of consumer data. Real-time digital consumer insights provide a superior alternative to traditional ways of conducting consumer research, such as surveys, focus groups or interviews. They provide multiple benefits to savvy researchers:

  • More cost-effective
  • Larger sample sizes
  • Authentic feedback
  • No survey fatigue or disruption
  • Real-time data
  • Never outdated 
  • Automatic analysis

Tap Into Rich Consumer Data

Gain deep insights into the different segments of your target audience and understand the behaviour and needs of your buyer personas. Audience Insights apply social listening, machine learning, psychographic data and pattern recognition to help you instantly understand who makes up your target audience, by analysing connections between the people that shape it.

Access consumer data from 150 million sources and over 1.4 trillion individual posts. Understand what communities are saying about your brand across social media, and identify the content and influential figures that inspire them.

Meltwater's Consumer and Audience Insights offer an in-depth and interactive audience profiling solution. With full access to the Twitter firehose and data enriched by IBM Watson, we help you analyse different community segments to find out how they feel about your brand and competitors, and how to truly include them online. Gain a deep understanding of what resonates with your target audience(s) by discovering demographic data points (age, gender, job titles) and consumer habits, as well as the individuals and media outlets that best align with your brand and appeal to each group.

Go beyond traditional consumer segmentation based on age, gender and location. Now, you can discover new segments based on people’s interests. Get to know your target market on a deeper level with actionable insights that could mean the difference between a new loyal follower or a missed opportunity. Improve your marketing campaigns and, subsequently, customer satisfaction by understanding what the market wants. 

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Audience Segmentation

Find out about the different groups talking about your brand online. Uncover what excites them with insights into their interests, demographics, and consumer behaviours, powered by IBM Watson. Effortlessly combine numerous filter options when you create an audience report, such as user profiles, demographics, affinities and job roles, which helps you build on highly personalised audience segments. 

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Informed Advertising Strategy

Know the platforms (news, TV, Radio, podcasts, social media) your customers and prospects are using for their information and entertainment needs. Inform your advertising strategy based on consumer behaviour data and research and stop guessing. Increase performance through audience insights.

"The value Meltwater provides for us is very clear. We need to have a bedrock of insights to justify how to approach content solutions for different audiences and different platforms, and Meltwater helps us to sell in our strategies by giving us a much clearer understanding of how audiences feel about specific brands and issues"

Alejandro De Luna – Social Strategy Manager, MediaCom

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Influencer Discovery

Influencers often appeal to highly niche categories. Find out which of them resonate with your consumer, and understand just how impactful they are. Pinpoint your influencer marketing strategy by moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Competitive Benchmarking

Our audience intelligence platform allows you to compare segments with baselines or other audiences and create benchmarks with different segments, countries or even competitors. This way you can view competitors from the perspective of your online consumer.

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Own Your Data

Get custom reports

Do you want to integrate custom audience research with your own data or visualisations? No problem, Meltwater makes it easy. Generate accurate reports on top categories, behaviours, sentiment and media. Then, simply export your reports to PDF or PowerPoint formats to use the most relevant insights about your audiences in your presentation decks.

Alternatively, export analytics to a CSV file so you can easily process, share or integrate them in your organisation. You're one step closer to making smart business decisions, based on both qualitative and quantitative data. 

With an audience-led approach under the umbrella of consumer marketing, you’re asking the question, "who out there is interested in what we do?" and "which parts of our brand would they engage with most if they had a choice?". Acquire that data, and you’re marketing to them directly. So it’s a far more targeted and relevant methodology for market research and segmentation. Plus, you can use it to go one step further into the realm of thought leadership and brand credibility.  

Also, possibly the most exciting thing about social data is that it never expires – it shifts and evolves as the world does, helping you stay on top of changes and consumer trends. It’s truly the closest thing we have to a pulse on the world and serves as one of the most valuable analytics tools for forward-facing teams. As a result, your social listening and media monitoring software becomes the crucial marketing partner that all businesses need.

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Streamlined Insight

Audience-Centric Social Listening

Market research is traditionally expensive and time-consuming. Once you have a better idea of who makes up your different segments, you can monitor all conversations they engage in to better grasp what they like and what they talk about without having to run a direct focus group.

From there, you can strategise how best to speak to them through your campaign messaging. Plus, you can spot the trends when it comes to consumer behaviours in the short, medium and long term.

Meaningful Messaging

Targeted Content Strategy

Generating valuable content that appeals to different segments of your audience can be difficult. But when you can intricately analyse the data, and see what each segment is sharing or interacting with, you can find out what resonates with your key consumer and craft your own content accordingly. 

Adapt your targeting and drive high-performance marketing and advertising campaigns, at scale. Improve customer experience by pinpointing areas for improvement and the facets of your brand that your consumers love. Create a more meaningful customer journey online. 

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David Ward, Director of Public Affairs, AWEA

David Ward, Director of Public Affairs, AWEA

"Meltwater is really at the forefront and continues to evolve with the ever-changing needs of the media market."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"I like to arrive in the morning, log into Meltwater, and get insight into everything that's happening, instantly."

Giovanna Genard, Assistant VP for Strategic Communication and Marketing, Old Dominion University

Giovanna Genard, Assistant VP for Strategic Communication and Marketing, Old Dominion University

"Our goal is to better listen to our community and know what they care about. Using Meltwater not only keeps us informed, but it allows us to interject our thought leaders into the conversations where they can make the biggest positive impact for ODU."

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