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Nuun Hydration

Nuun is a hydration company that created fun drink tablets that are boosted with electrolytes. Based in Seattle, Nuun is now the must-have hydration product, with tablets sold in over 30 countries. Influencer marketing is a key component of the brand’s marketing strategy. Impressively, the team handles all influencer campaigns in-house. But, as the company grew in popularity, so too did the scale of their campaigns. Nuun needed a tool that would support their growing needs by automating manual work and elevate their strategy with data-driven capabilities.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing helped Nuun Hydration:

Save six hours a week on influencer management work

Integrate data-driven insights such as audience demographics into the decision-making process

Automate campaign reporting and analysis, saving time and increasing efficiency

“With Meltwater Influencer Marketing, work that once took us 8-hours now takes 2-hours. Not only that, but the quality and clarity of our work is greatly improved.”

Mason French Influencer & Community Marketing, Nuun Hydration

Challenge: Scaling Influencer Strategy

The Nuun Hydration team knew they were ready to scale their already growing influencer marketing program. But, this required changing how the stages of the entire campaign lifecycle handled. Before adopting Klear into their workflow the Nuun team did not rely on a tool to support their work. Rather, they handled all stages of an influencer campaign manually. As their campaign grew in scale and impact, the manual element became overwhelming and a tool was required.

Nuun, like other brands looking to scale their influencer strategy, cited discovery as one of the areas they wanted to improve. But, the Nuun team wasn’t new to the game. Not only were they manually discovering influencers, but the team was manually creating elaborate campaign reports. This required screenshots, impression verification, heavy calculations, and more. Any influencer marketing professional knows the challenge of manually tracking and analyzing a campaign. So, while the Nuun team’s work was impressive, they were ready to incorporate a tool that automated stages of their workflow.

Solution: Automated Influencer Discovery and Campaign Reporting

Meltwater Influencer Marketing's influencer search engine has changed the way the team discovers influencers. When performing manual influencer discovery, the team would identify and vet one influencer at a time. By setting specific search criteria, the team can immediately render 50 influencers that all align with the brand’s goals. And, by optimizing Meltwater's sophisticated influencer insights, they can easily vet influencers using metrics like True Reach, Engagement, and Audience Demographics.

Not only has Meltwater Influencer Marketing changed the way the Nuun team vets influencers, integrating an influencer marketing solution into their workflow has completely enhanced campaign reporting and analysis capabilities. Meltwater automatically aggregates and analyzes all campaign-related content, including Instagram Stories, which is central to Nunn's influencer strategy. This capability means the team no longer has to manually screenshot all influencer content, and can independently review campaign performance metrics.

Success: #PlopChallenge Campaign

Meltwater Influencer Marketing empowered the Nuun team to discover unique influencers for an exciting new campaign focused on tricks and challenges. By leveraging Meltwater's niche influencer discovery capabilities, the team identified ~200 talented influencers that could perform niche tricks including back-flips, yo-yos, kenama, and more.

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