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What is Bilibili and Why Should You Care?

Lance Concannon

Mar 24, 2023

Most people in the West are unlikely to have heard of the Chinese website, Bilibili, but with around 300 million monthly active users, it’s a serious player in its home market.

While China’s online video market seems to be dominated by Youku (owned by Alibaba), iQiyi (owned by Baidu), and QQ Video (owned by Tencent), Bilibili is now becoming increasingly popular, as short-form video sees rapid growth and is now the most consumed type of video in China recent months.

Graph showing the average number of monthly users of Bilibili Inc over time

Source: Statista - Average number of monthly users of Bilibili Inc

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What is Bilibili?

Bilibili is a video sharing platform which, as well as the basic functions of viewing and uploading videos, allows users to post different types of live comments over the videos, creating a kind of enriched real-time chat-room layer on top of the viewing experience.

The site hosts video on a wide range of popular entertainment and culture topics, and also provides a platform for streamers to live-stream content to their audiences.

It’s hugely popular with the Gen Z demographic, and as well as the primary Chinese language site it offers an international version available in English, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.

While it’s free to use, Bilibili offers a premium tier which provides additional features such as access to higher resolution videos.

Why is Bilibili important for brands?

If your business operates in Asian markets, and particularly in China, Bilibili can be a powerful source of insight and intelligence for your marketing campaigns.

Better understand and engage Chinese Gen Z

What differentiates this platform from others is that there are a lot of engaged people, in particular young and dynamic China’s Gen Z.

For brands who want to deep dive Gen Z’s preferences and habits, and engage them, Bilibili is a great place to identify emerging youth culture trends.

Measuring the impact of marketing campaign

Brands can use the platform to upload and promote their video content, once they are certified.

Adding Bilibili to their marketing toolbox, they are able to track the performance of their campaigns using metrics such as the number of comments, engagement action score, impressions, and estimated reach.

Detect new brand ambassadors

As a platform favored by Gen Z in China, Bilibili is a great channel for businesses to identify new brand ambassadors from that cohort, and to start working with new Key Opinion Leaders who could also prove to be powerful influencers for that target audience.

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