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Meltwater Launches Data Sets on New Amazon AWS Data Exchange

Meltwater Launches Data Sets on New Amazon AWS Data Exchange

Benjamin O'Dell

Nov 14, 2019

Software as a service (SaaS) company Meltwater has just revealed its role as a launch provider for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Exchange, a cloud service launching today designed to provide customers with third-party data.

The new Packaged Data Sets will bring Meltwater’s expertise in news and social data gathering to the largest data marketplace in the world.

The Amazon Web Services platform currently offers over 165 fully-featured services, ranging from machine learning applications to virtual reality, mobile, security and many others.

With such a variety of applications and millions of customers, the AWS Data Exchange market is set to propel Meltwater’s reach even further.

“We’re excited to be a launch provider with AWS and look forward to working within AWS Data Exchange to help our shared customers gain business insight from these new packaged data products which combine the best of our content and AI capabilities,” said Tim Barker, Head of Product for at Meltwater. "AWS Data Exchange complements the range of products and services we already deliver to over 32,000 customers and provides us with an exciting new path to rapidly develop and deploy further packaged data products in response to market and individual customer requirements.”

Datasets for Business

Meltwater specialises in providing packages containing data processes aimed at supporting different business processes.

“[The company] believes in the value of businesses using online data to make better-informed decisions and become more competitive in their markets,” commented Leor Distenfeld, Executive Director of Outside Insight at Meltwater.

“Historically, we have provided PR and Communications departments with the insights they need to stay ahead, but with the launch of our derived data sets available on AWS Data Exchange, we bring this expertise to departments such as business intelligence, competitive intelligence, marketing and legal, who can leverage this data and create insights to their advantage,” Distenfeld explained.

Some of Meltwater’s data packages focus on providing investors with potential trading opportunities by tracking daily changes in media coverage and sentiment for companies, and rebalance portfolios based on shifting sentiment and business event patterns across different industry verticals.

Others focus on informing Media and Entertainment production teams by tracking changes in daily media coverage and sentiment for TV streaming platforms and flagship shows, while making more informed sponsorship and advertising decisions by tracking coverage for different celebrities.

Finally, Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations can use the company’s data to track media coverage around key drug classes and medical conditions and market accordingly.

A Solid Platform

Meltwater joining the AWS Data Exchange will enable businesses across multiple industries to support their data-driven strategies through access to a new range of packaged data products.

With over 500 million new documents being added daily, and best-in-class NLP enrichments layered on top, these datasets will provide AWS Data Exchange customers with an unprecedented amount of data to help drive their business strategy.

“We’re delighted to have Meltwater as a data provider as part of our launch,” said Stephen Orban, General Manager at AWS Data Exchange. “They have years of experience aggregating data from numerous channels on a global scale.

“With the market calling for more external data to complement internal datasets, we believe with that Meltwater can provide our customers with enhanced visibility into the world around them, so that they can make better-informed decisions”, Orban concluded.

The AWS Data Exchange website is already live.