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Infographic: Should I Trendjack on Social Media?

Mai Le

Jan 1, 2020

It's possible to predict a trend before it becomes widespread. Knowing how to read the social zeitgeist can inform thought leadership, help you find influencers, and determine business decisions. Learn how to forecast trends from an expert by downloading our on-demand webinar, Secrets of a Trend Spotter Revealed.

Trendjacking is wildly popular. It can garner you kudos or widespread condemnation from fans and influencers. In the always-on social media sphere, knowing when to trendjack or calmly step away from the ledge is a delicate dance. Cultivating the skills necessary to read and react to the social zeitgeist during the crucial six hours after a trend starts to spread is invaluable. Here’s how to keep ahead of the curve, so your attempts at trendjacking results in a win.

Infographic on trendjacking. Ask yourself is the trend still fresh then insert yourself while the cycle is relevant.