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3D Illustration of icons on how to track Instagram Stories

How to Track Instagram Stories of Influencers

Mark Jackson

Feb 8, 2024

For too long, Instagram stories have been the blind spot when measuring influencer campaigns.

Unless marketers spotted and tracked the Stories manually, they couldn’t monitor them, nor measure their performance. Stories were a black hole in performance measurement.

Without a proper social listening solution, marketers had to track Stories manually. And you know what, some manual work on one or two influencers is acceptable. It becomes a headache with 10 and pretty much impossible with 200.

The good news is that you’ll never have to track Instagram Stories manually again!

We are happy to announce that Meltwater tracks Instagram Stories, helping you see the complete picture of your campaign.

How Does Instagram Story Tracking Work?

In order to track the Stories, influencers must have an Instagram business account and are required to authenticate it first.

To make it easy for marketers, Meltwater provides an easy way to send invitations to influencers to connect their accounts.

Once the influencers are connected, the relevant Stories will be measured in the Campaign by the hashtags and handles that were included in the story.

The statistics will include the Unique Views of the posted Story, and the number of messages the Story received back from the audience.

Why Brands Love the Fading Stories?

People spend their Instagram time on IG Stories. According to Instagram, Stories have more than 400 million daily active users.

To better understand the love for Stories, we need to take a closer look at what users expect from them.

People are more likely to say they visit stories to see live, unfiltered content, explains Instagram (source).

This makes total sense. After Instagram users got used to the hyper-polished images, Stories managed to bring back an authentic communication experience that faded from the feed. Stories are the place you are most likely to find real-life updates, and brands would love to sneak in and be part of them.

And one other thing – links. With just a swipe-up, a Story viewer can be redirected to an online shop, an article, or any online desired destination. This is a much more convenient way of reaching goals than the “link in bio” influencers used to add to image captions.

Know the Full Story of Instagram Story Tracking

The new Instagram Stories tracking on Meltwater joins Instagram posts, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as primary sources for Meltwater's automated influencer marketing and campaign measurement solution.

Want to see it live in action? Hundreds of companies trust Meltwater to simplify their Instagram influencer campaigns. Join them: