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get twitter right with high tech saas

Get X/Twitter Right with High-Tech SaaS

Ivan Kreimer

Jul 18, 2018

Companies in the high-tech Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry are always evolving, regularly launching products and services. The way they communicate offerings matters a great deal to how their target audience understands them, and how the market reacts.

Besides launches, high-tech SaaS companies have many other messages to communicate. From GDPR security updates to industry thought leadership, SaaS companies use social networks—and particularly X, formerly known as Twitter—as tools to connect with clients and prospects.

We’ve analyzed the X/Twitter accounts of 10 SaaS companies to see what we can learn from them about successfully using a broadcast platform as a means to inform, engage, and hopefully delight with content. 

Become Thought Leaders

Thought leadership helps position an organization as knowledgeable about their industry and thus able to offer the best solution. By presenting the reasons why their company promotes specific enterprise solutions, they assume the stance of a go-to source in a particular vertical. X, formerly known as Twitter, is an opportunity for SaaS companies to stand out as leaders in their markets.

Oracle Financial Services, specializes in providing IT solutions to the financial industry, shares the following article from their CEO, Chet Kamat. Check how they highlight the word “experience” and how it ties to the linked article.

Videos are a highly engaging media format to use in social media. In this tweet, Intuit posts a video of their Chief Data Officer, discussing the importance of developing an AI strategy. 

Infusionsoft, the e-mail marketing and sales platform post a video about an often overlooked topic their audience — small business owners and marketers — may find useful. 

Lower Security Concerns

After the recent Facebook and Equifax security breaches, people are becoming increasingly wary of sharing personal data. That’s why companies are turning to every platform (including X/Twitter) available to them to reassure their clients and the public that your data is safe with them. One recent well-publicized topic is GDPR. 

Box, the enterprise-level cloud company, shares how they’ve recently adapted to satisfy the new legislation. 

Amazon Web Services promotes a post about using their tools to increase security levels while reducing costs at the same time. 

Blockchain technology has been a hot topic for almost a decade. Microsoft Azure, the cloud technology company, shares how the Insurance tech industry taps into different Microsoft blockchain solutions. 

Promote Case Studies and Partnerships

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to nurture leads into paying customers. According to DemandGen’s 2017 Content Preference Survey, case studies are the top content type for buyers with 78% of people accessing this format type when researching purchases in the past 12 months.

It’s the same with partnerships; if you partner with innovative companies, you’re also seen as innovative. This is the power of third-party validation and here are a few companies that do it well.

DocuSign, shares a new partnership they’ve developed with Visa.

Adobe Document Cloud, the subsidiary of Adobe that provides a suite of cloud-based software applications, shares stats that proves the power of their tools. 

Salesforce, the leading enterprise sales cloud computing company, posts an inspiring story about how one of their female customers succeeded thanks to their tools. 

PR Takeaways

High-tech SaaS moves at a fast pace, disrupting industries, and growing exponentially in the process. Thanks to X, formerly known as Twitter, they can keep enterprise clients and investors updated on the changes they introduce to the market.

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