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People in the crowd of a baseball game recording on their phone and cheering

6 Major League Baseball Teams Dominating the Social Media Game

Nick Rogers

May 24, 2018

Major league baseball has long been called “America’s favorite pastime” and for good reason. Now that the 2018 MLB baseball season is in full swing fans are pouring into stadiums and bars around the world to watch their favorite teams compete. 

Online, however, MLB marketing teams are hard at work posting engaging content to social media. With access to a plethora of adrenaline pumping moments, baseball teams are some of the most exciting brands to follow on social media.

But which major league baseball teams are truly killing it on social media? We found six that are a notch above the rest and worth a follow whether you’re a baseball fan or not.

1. San Francisco Giants

On the field, the San Francisco Giants have won three World Series titles in the last decade. Off the field, the Giants boast more than 5 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But what we love about following the Giants on social media is their creative use of hashtags in their posts.

Sometimes all it takes is a perfectly placed hashtag to get the point across:

The Giants also use general hashtags to tie their content into a relevant conversation like #TBT or their own branded hashtag #SFGiants:

Hashtags are an incredibly powerful way to increase brand awareness, promote campaigns, and even join a movement!

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2. Oakland Athletics

Even if the Oakland Athletics (the A’s) haven’t won a World Series since 1989, they’ve proven their social media is worthy of a world series title. 

The A’s do a great job of weaving multimedia into their social updates. You’ll see everything from gif to videos (including live video) to infographics and even rhymes. The comms team has shown that they are agnostic in their choice of content, as long as it’s creative and relevant. 

As marketers and PR folks, we often forget that social media isn’t only about “selling products”. People are on social media to be entertained and that’s what the A’s deliver, back-to-back-to-back.

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3. New York Yankees

Where should we start with the New York Yankees?

27 World Series, the most connected MLB fanbase in the world, and of course, the largest social media following (by far) with more than 13 million people tagging along.

The New York Yankees are masters at engaging fans with compelling stories that make them feel like they’re a part of history. Sometimes they remind fans of the organization’s nostalgic past and other times, they give a subtle nod to modern day greats.

This helps fans, old and new, rally around the team’s newest traditions as well as Yankees’ traditions that have been around for more than a century.

Follow the Yankees on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

4. Colorado Rockies

5,280 Feet above sea level at the base of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find one of the most beloved teams in the MLB, the Colorado Rockies. 

The Colorado Rockies ingeniously use their social media channels to give fans content they can’t find anywhere else. Using real-time social media monitoring and engagement, the Rockies post live photos and updates during the game for fans who can’t be there.

Plus, they have a super unique voice on social media –  a voice that their fans can get behind.

Follow the Rockies on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

5. Los Angeles Dodgers

Like the Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers are keepers of some of the most iconic baseball moments in history.

But that doesn’t stop them from creating content that is relevant today.

The Dodgers’ social media strategy is a little less flashy than the others but equally effective. They use a cross-promotion strategy to keep fans engaged across a variety of platforms.

This allows the Dodgers to reach their fans when and where they want while helping to build awareness around key initiatives such as their Facebook Live show.

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6. Chicago Cubs

In 2016, The Chicago Cubs finally broke the more than 100-year-old team curse and won the World Series.

Up until that point, however, they certainly weren’t cursed on social media. The Cubs team used social media to shift the narrative from the “team that couldn’t seem to win” to the team that completed one of the hardest feats in sports. In one of my favorite sports videos of the year, the Cubs perfectly sums it up:

Similar to the Colorado Rockies, The Cubs’ social media accounts have a distinctive voice – the voice of a loyal Cubs fan. They broadcast the unwavering we-can-do-it spirit of players and fans, a message that comes across in every single post.

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PR Takeaways from Major League Baseball Teams Social Accounts

At first glance, you might not think you can learn all that much from major league baseball teams on social media. 

But a deeper look shows that they are experts at connecting with fans in meaningful ways while using various content types to spark excitement. Use these lessons in a social media strategy to drive new audiences to your accounts, increase engagement, and even sell some tickets!