Social Media Management

Meltwater’s social media management solutions make it easy to publish campaigns, engage with your audience, and streamline reporting across social media channels.

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Publish Content

Preparing for launching a social publishing campaign takes collaboration and alignment. Our solution is designed to help teams draft, schedule, and publish content to maintain a consistent brand voice on your channels.

Engage With Customers

Social media provides the opportunity for real-time responses to customers, allowing you to address customer service inquiries and drive overall two-way communications on your channels. A centralized inbox enables quick actions or escalations to build and maintain brand advocacy.

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Measure Performance

Social media insights can be complicated and overwhelming to summarize for your teams. Our social media performance templates provide you with mission-critical insights and ranking of top-performing content, saving you time and the need for an analyst’s review.

Build Relationships

Not all consumers speak directly to your brand, but savvy marketers look for opportunities to surprise and delight through response to hashtags or unprompted mentions of the brand. We enable you to unearth new customer acquisition opportunities, increasing your network and reach across earned and owned channels.

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