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The Big Solar Power Leap - How the Media is fueling the rise of Solar

Solar Industry report webinar

Fueled by the climate crisis and rising energy prices, the conversation about sustainable energy production is gaining momentum and commanding attention. With many of the fossil-free alternatives facing fierce criticism about efficiency, reliability and longevity, Solar power is becoming one of the most talked-about topics in the world of renewables.

Just 6 months into 2022, solar power had generated more mentions than throughout the whole of 2020. What does this unprecedented level of interest mean? The time for solar is now.

  • Narratives that highlight the benefits and advantages of solar power
  • External factors that influence people, companies, or countries to embrace solar

Moa Johansson is a Senior Media Analyst at Meltwater. She is currently based at Meltwater's Gothenburg Office, Sweden. She has been working for Meltwater over a year now. Before joining Meltwater, she attained Bachelor in Advertising and PR.

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