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Webinar: Strategy for social media

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Learn how to create a good strategy for social media! Martine and Simone will talk about how you can create a good strategy tailored to your business. 95% of the audience recommends this webinar.

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About the video: Strategy for social media

Writing a strategy is not done in a flash. It requires a lot of thinking. How do you reach the desired audience with your message? Not least, how should this be done in a way that creates value for the recipient? A strategy will help you to create the greatest possible value and least possible spam while using your time in a smart and efficient way. Which social media should you prioritize and what kind of content should you fill them with? The video will help you to write a good social media strategy for your business.

You are going to learn more about this:

  • Selection of channels based on target groups
  • How to create unique content for each channel on social media
  • The difference between brand building and sales-oriented objectives
  • Tips and tricks

About Martine and Simone

Martin and Simone, the Turbo Girls portrait

Martine and Simone started Turbo Kommunikasjon in 2013 and are well known as the 'Turbo Girls'. Both have great experience in communications, marketing, design, and social media. The 'Turbo Girls' spend a lot of time thinking strategically about brands and creating good, relevant, and compelling content for social media. The photo was taken by Irene Lunde.

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