Swedish on-demand webinar: How to Trend Watch Across Social Media

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It's always exciting to wonder what the future holds. What will happen in the social media world in 2020? Is this the year when TikTok breaks through into to business world? What are the strongest trends in social media for 2020? How important is the role of customer service on social media? What specific areas of social media should your company should focus on?

In this on-demand webinar, Johanna and Helena from Vass Kommunikation tell all while sharing their findings from social media trend monitoring. They will be covering topics such as value-driven communications, how companies can make the most of engagement in social media, and what platforms matter right now.

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During this on-demand webinar, you will gain insights into the following:

  • How you can adopt the latest trends
  • How to implement value-driven communications
  • Tips and inspiration for the future

About Vass Kommunikation

Vass Kommunikation is a communications agency based in Stockholm that drives narrative and engagement through social media. Vass Kommunikation helps companies with text, images, video, employer branding, digital strategies, advertising and training, and much more!

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