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Exploring Social Media & Marketing Trends in 2024

Exploring Social Media & Marketing Trends in 2024 webinar

In this webinar, we will delve into pivotal trends shaping both social media and marketing landscapes.  We will encompass the latest trends in social media, providing a comprehensive overview to keep you abreast of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Key Topics:

  1. The Most Popular Social Media Channels: We will use data from our State of Social Media 2024 report, to highlight the most popular social media channels.
  2. Influencer Marketing & Creator Economy: Dynamics of crafting authentic narratives within the influential landscape and thriving creator economy.
  3. AI in Modern Marketing: Witness the evolution of artificial intelligence in marketing, from personalized experiences to ethical considerations.
  4. How Social Listening gets you closer to your customers: Strategies to use social listening to elevate customer engagement and turn challenges into opportunities on social platforms.

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