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PARIS 2024: The art of transposing brand identity into a global event​

An image of a the Eiffel Tower and the flag of the Olympic games

Unlock the Insights: How Brands Can Excel at the Olympic Games

As the countdown to Paris 2024 begins, the excitement is building, presenting an unparalleled opportunity for marketers to tap into emerging trends and enhance brand engagement. Our comprehensive report delves into the strategies that successful brands employ to shine at prestigious events like the Olympics.

Why Download This Report?

  • Trend Analysis: Stay ahead with insights into emerging trends, focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, geopolitical factors, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Brand Performance: Understand how top brands are performing in these critical areas and what strategies lead to success or setbacks.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Activations: Learn which types of partnerships and activations to prioritize for maximum impact.
  • Consumer Perception: Learn how these initiatives are perceived by netizens, and discover what resonates most with consumers in today's digital landscape.
  • Avoiding “Bad Buzz”: Gain insights on how to navigate potential pitfalls when all eyes are on your brand.

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