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2020 Vision: How To Make Your Marketing #FutureFit

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2019 was a big year for innovation in the marketing and technology sectors, and its trajectory is expected to continue well into 2020.   For marketers and PR professionals, this presents many opportunities, but also an array of possible pitfalls. If you capitalise on being an early adopter of a promising trend your company could land significant returns, but bet on the wrong horse and your company could fall short.

To survive and thrive in 2020, you need a plan that will keep our communications strategies, and customers, fit for the future.   Luckily, we've partnered with one of Africa's foremost authorities in innovation and marketing - Carmen Murray, for a Webinar that will help you do exactly that. Carmen is an award-winning digital marketing mastermind, entrepreneur, podcast host, CX auditor, innovator and speaker.  Access the webinar here for a deep dive into how to make your marketing #FutureFit come 2020.

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