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How a Powerful Personal Brand Can Improve Your Bottom Line

From Pride Maunatlala of The Foschini Group delivering keynotes at the biggest leadership conferences in Africa, or Richard Branson sky-diving off cliffs with a Virgin-branded parachute, powerful personal branding is an integral part of successful companies.

Whether you are the founder of an early-stage startup, a marketing professional in the tech sector, or the CEO of a multinational conglomerate, our personal brand is the one thing that we all have the opportunity to leverage to make our businesses stand out in today's digital age.

To show you how, Meltwater partnered with Pride Maunatlala, Marketing Executive at The Foschini Group, for a Webinar. In it, we explore how a strong personal brand not only accelerates your brand image, improves your online reputation or extends your reach, but also impacts your revenues and profits.

Access the webinar here to improve your bottom line through a powerful personal brand.

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