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The Integration of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media

Get the key insights you need to better understand how you can integrate these four media types in 2021.

It is getting increasingly difficult for businesses to make their voices heard and stand out of the crowd. To succeed in promoting your business online, you need to understand and master all the communication channels at your disposal.

Until recently, marketing professionals had to juggle with 3 defined communication channels: owned, earned, and paid media. With the arrival of social media platforms, we’ve seen a new channel emerge: shared media. Each one of those channels serves a specific purpose and requires a specific approach.

In this free and insightful Webinar, you’ll discover:

1. How to leverage owned, earned, paid and shared media

2. The benefits and challenges of each channel

3. How to measure your performance on each channel

4. The synergies between these channels you can use to promote your brand

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