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Integrated Marketing Communications: The Keys to Successful Campaigns

Integrated Marketing Communications: The Keys to Successful Campaigns

Naturally, all marketing campaigns are different - from the overarching objective, through to the content, media and call to action.

However, as marketers, it’s our responsibility to look beyond our individual silos and look for opportunities to connect the dots and develop campaigns that use different elements that support one another.

Enter: the successful Integrated Marketing Communications campaign where short-term sales uplifts are balanced by positive long-term brand-building effects. 

Join Meltwater and Heineken's Global Communications Manager, Obabiyi Fagade, for a Webinar where we take a deep-dive into the steps to building successful integrated campaigns.

Access the on-demand webinar here to learn what is needed to create a blueprint integrated plan that will positively impact both your revenue and brand perception in the market. 

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