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Insight Driven Marketing Webinar with Fireside Chat

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The balance of power has shifted in modern marketing, with consumers using online spaces to share their own version of your brand story. Insight driven marketing lets you take back control.

Using real-time data, AI, and the latest data analytics approaches, it’s now possible to understand today’s dynamic consumers better than ever, and put your brand on the front-foot.

During this webinar, we will share our insights from our latest Insight Driven Marketing guide, followed by a fireside chat with Lea Karam from Behave and Gareth Crew from Garmin. The panel will explore key trends in consumer insights right now and how consumers are no longer passive recipients of brand messages, but active participants and shapers of brand perception.

Expect to learn:

  • What 'Insight Driven Marketing' really means
  • The importance of AI, and the future of AI in consumer insights
  • How insight driven marketing impacts your role; CMO, VP of Marketing, Brand Management, Consumer Insights, Digital & Social Media Marketing, PR & Comms and Influencer Marketing
  • The most common insight challenges for different marketing personas
  • How companies can use consumer insights in their marketing campaigns and communication strategies to create more targeted and effective messages

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