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On-demand Webinar: Consumer Insights and Driving Loyalty in Retail with Harrods

Take a deep dive into latest retail industry trends, customer loyalty best practice and crucial data sources for loyalty marketing with Nathaniel Lloyd, Director of Loyalty and CRM at Harrods.

Economic pressures, infinite choices, and flourishing online communities have changed how retail customers encounter new products and brands.

During this webinar we will take a deep dive into how using social, media, consumer, and intelligence solutions can help you connect with retail consumers and drive loyalty. We will also hear from an expert in loyalty, Nathaniel Lloyd, Director of Loyalty and CRM at Harrods.

Expert to learn:

  • Retail Industry Trends
  • Consumer Insight in Retail
  • Customer Loyalty Best Practice
  • Key Loyalty Drivers
  • Loyalty Indicators and Red Flags
  • Crucial Data Sources for Loyalty Marketing

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