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On-Demand Webinar: Comms Collective - The March of PR

Comms Collective: The March of PR Watch Now Banner

Integrated marketing is the single biggest opportunity for PR. Earned first thinking differentiates PR from the rest of the pack when it comes to creative thinking. PR is better positioned to run an integrated strategy than an ad agency - because it is easier for earned ideas to turn into paid ideas than it is for paid first ideas to work across earned.

Here's a reminder of the topics covered:

  • Charlie Ayling, Head of Marketing (EMEA EN) at Meltwater - The Guide to Modern PR
  • Chris Hides, Managing Director at The Academy - Why Earned Media Ideas Work Across Paid but Paid Ideas Are Less Effective Across Earned Channels
  • Jordan Kavangh, Assocaite Creative Director at The Romans - 3 Case Studies Illustrating The Power Of Earned At the Heart Of An Idea

Watch the on-demand recording to learn more about why PR and the earned media ideas it generates are the keys to unlocking your integrated communication campaigns.

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