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Social Media Week: From Analytics to Intelligence - Is Social Media Really Telling You What You Think It Is

How can you be sure that social data is telling you what you think it is?

Meltwater's Samantha Monk and Lionsgate's Konstantinos Papaioannou share how they worked together to overcome this challenge and sort the signal from the noise.

Five years ago, brands wanted to know how their social activity and presence compared to their competitors. Today their objective is to get a better understanding of audiences and target groups.

Use-cases for consumer insights:

Social monitoring vs. listening vs. insight — What's the difference?

Lionsgate explain how they are able to go beyond basic analytics and moving into social intelligence (including image recognition) with Meltwater.

Fill out the form to gain a deeper understanding of the differences between social monitoring, social listening and insights and we worked with Lionsgate to identify core fans and monitor conversations around key movie franchises.

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