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Innovation insights Q3: Insight Driven Marketing

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The balance of power has shifted in modern marketing, with consumers using online spaces to share their own version of your brand story.

Insight driven marketing lets you take back control. Using real-time data, AI, and the latest data analytics approaches, it’s now possible to understand today’s dynamic consumers better than ever, and put your brand on the front-foot.

In our third edition of our "Innovation Insights" masterclass series, you'll hear from Charlie Ayling our Head of Marketing EMEA (EN), Sarah Mulvin, Key Account Manager and Natalie Vass, Product Specialist at Meltwater. They will explore how insight driven marketing impacts specific roles and personas, and share concrete examples of how you can use Meltwater tools specific to your role - including the exciting integration of AI tools - to assist you in your daily tasks and help you come up with the best ideas for your next campaign.

What you'll learn:

  • What exactly is insight driven marketing?
  • Why it matters for your business
  • How AI is critical to insight driven marketing
  • How insight driven marketing impacts your role in; CMO, VP of Marketing, Brand Management, Consumer Insights, Digital & Social Media Marketing, PR & Comms and Influencer Marketing
  • Understand each persona’s challenges

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