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Successful Influencer Marketing - Beyond the Metrics

Banner OnDemand Webinar: Successful Influencer Marketing - Beyond the Metrics

"Analytics and measurement” are typically treated as a blanket statement in Influencer Marketing; most marketers hear the words and think of reach and engagement. And while those metrics are certainly key for every influencer collaboration, measuring true ROI extends far further than just an individual's number of followers or likes.

So, to help you get to the bottom of what successful influencer marketing really looks like, we've partnered with MissMalini's co-founder, Mike Melli for an online webinar covering everything you need to know.

We'll be navigating:

  • Best practice for Influencer selection
  • Managing talent (and keeping them happy!)
  • How to navigate creative differences between the brand & the Influencer
  • How to demonstrate real ROI from Influencer Marketing

Watch now and learn how to not only make a real business impact with social influencers but prove it, too.

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