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Everyone's Investing – How mobile-first investing has changed the industry

A person using a mobile investment app

Digitalisation has made many products and services more accessible to consumers. Mobile investing is one of these services as mobile investing apps make investing accessible to everyone who owns a smartphone. In this report, mobile investing is understood as a mean to invest through one’s smartphone or tablet. The theme is popular especially amongst young adults who are confident with using different mobile platforms, but also older age groups are developing an interest in mobile investing. Because of this increased popularity, the mobile investing industry’s overall revenue has quadrupled since 2019. [Stock Trading & Investing App Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)]

This industry report aims to

  • identify and analyse the various narratives highlighted in the (social) media landscape from January – September 2022 to provide the reader with an understanding of if and how the media and social media have covered the Mobile Investing theme
  • identify the three major conversation topics concerning mobile investing
  • go into differences in conversation drivers between mobile and regular investing
  • analyse the Share of Voice of the 5 largest mobile investing apps in the EMEA region

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