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How to Use Media Intelligence to Navigate an Economic Downturn


Manage Market Forces with External Data

Since the advent of the internet and digital technologies, managing change has become an increasingly complex art and science for businesses looking to stay ahead of market adjustments. In the wake of COVID-19 and its far reaching impact on the global economy, staying on top of consumer habits and industry developments is now a more immediate and necessary imperative for organizational competitiveness. Further compounded by geopolitical conflict and rising inflation rates, the pressure on businesses to deliver results in 2022 is arguably more pronounced than at any point in the last decade.

In this guide, we’ll explore Porter’s Five Forces in relation to managing change, and offer you the guidance you need to get ahead at each step. We’ll also unpack some of the external data points that sales, marketing and PR teams could be leveraging to improve business outcomes and better fortify corporate resilience within a recessionary climate.

Download our guide now and put in place the framework necessary to ensure business success amid difficult times.

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