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How to Map & Visualize Your Customer Journey

How well do you know your buyers?

The term “customer journey” describes your audience’s path through all touch points with your company (before, during and after purchase). Visually mapping your customer’s journey helps you pinpoint crucial moments in their decision-making process, reduce friction in journeys, increase lifetime value, and make your budget stretch further.

Mapping customer journeys in a measurable way can seem like a confusing and abstract task. But the truth is, companies make this more complex than it is. In reality, it involves a series of logical steps based on collecting and visualizing relevant data.

During this free webinar, Meltwater, Tableau and The Information Lab will cover:

  • A brief introduction into the customer journey model
  • The key metrics and tools needed to track your customer journey
  • How to connect customer journey data to the hard KPIs your company cares about
  • Practical ways to map your customer journey
  • Data visualization best practice

Join us to learn how to gain a holistic view of your customer’s journey so you can move prospects along the sales funnel and better serve your customers.

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