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How AI in Marketing Really Works

Photo of a white robot holding a tablet in our on-demand webinar about AI in marketing

Are you sick and tired of hearing about “Killer Robots” or fluffy concepts of what AI could mean for us all? Yea, so are we...

So much so that we decided to do something about it. We partnered with Katie King: Author and CEO of AI in Marketing, member of the UK Govt's All-Party Parliamentary Group task force for AI, and 2 x TEDx speaker.

We're getting rid of all the hype and giving you a practical breakdown of how you as a Marketer can start incorporating AI technology to improve your efficiency and maximise your output. No jargon, no buzzwords, just tangible use cases of what works and what doesn't.

So if you'd like to learn how to leverage arguably the most exciting technology of our time in a way that drives real business results, then watch this event recording and find out How AI in Marketing Really Works.

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