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The Fake News Epidemic: How to Overcome it

On-Demand Webinar: How to Protect Your Reputation in a Fake News World

With so much information bombarding us 24/7, how do we know whether what we are viewing, reading and hearing is truth or whether we are in fact being ‘cat-fished’ via misinformation from misinformed social media posts that are seized on and spread through a hyper partisan blogosphere? The recent American Presidential election proved how even those at the highest office in the world can allegedly use the web to promote fake news over actual fact. All major social media platforms including Facebook have urgently instigated campaigns to protect their brand reputations by seeking to root out the interminable worldwide spread of fake news. Highlights for this highly controversial webinar led by the UK’s leading brand psychologist Jonathan Gabay include:

  • How the web is altering traditional interpretations of truth
  • Perceptions of what is truth, fake news and social media
  • Why, from a psychological perspective, people often choose to dismiss facts in preference for emotion
  • Why, given the sheer volume of information online, more than ever, marketers need dependable technology to monitor online buzz

Watch the on-demand webinar and safeguard your brand now.

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