Webinar: How to create accurate content

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In this video you will gain insight into how you can become good at content marketing, writing and building up your content like an expert.

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About the video

Do you want to become better at writing content? Content marketing has been in focus for a long time. With this webinar, you can gain more knowledge about how you write good content for your audience. Do you wonder how to target your audience with your content, regardless of the size of the budget? Then this video is for you.

What you will learn

  • The importance of having a good feed which works before you start hunting for followers
  • Which followers are negative for your account
  • How businesses must think in order to succeed on Instagram
  • What you should post as a company and when
  • Current tips

About Marte Glanville

Marte Glanville Portrait

Marte has qualifications and experience in Marketing, IT, and graphic design. She has worked for large corporations such as the Kongsberg Group, in addition to smaller local businesses. She has built brands, managed brands, and closed down brands and for several years has studied what makes some companies successful on Instagram. In this webinar, she will show you step by step how your company can be successful on Instagram.

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