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Building Engaged Communities on Social Media

Comic Image of three people standing in front of a river with a city on the other side that is being built

The digital world accelerated rapidly as Covid-19 forced people to distance themselves from one another. The human desire for safety, community, and connection reached an all-time high. With limited in-person contact, everyone turned to social media and digital forums for greater connection. As a result, social media users grew more than 10% from 2019. Smaller, more niche online communities evolved at an increased rate.

Communities, whether online or in-person, make us feel part of something. The intimacy of a smaller setting allows us to share more openly and authentically. For brands, communities are also big business opportunities. They drive personal relationships, loyalty, and even sales. Brands can use these forums as a sounding board to connect with their audiences, creating a constant feedback loop.

In this webinar, you’ll uncover:

  • How to find your ideal community
  • How to create loyalty and trust
  • Tips for knowing the right content to share with your audience
  • What community building will look like in a post-covid world

Engage with communities by sharing valuable content, launching personalized campaigns, establishing authority by answering questions, and partnering with relevant influencers who generate loyal followings around specific topics of interest.

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