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The Art & Science of a Data-Driven PR Strategy

Today we have access to more data in PR measurement than ever before, but in times where all companies are shifting their activities online it’s critically important that we use and translate data the right way.

That means moving beyond the content ‘counts and amounts’ and looking to link this ‘output’ data with the things that matter in PR and Communications. In this insightful fireside chat, you'll learn more about:

  • Using communication methodology to avoid pitfalls when interpreting data.
  • How to use the numbers to create emotion and engagement with your customer.
  • Why a world of data can bring more questions than answers and how time-honoured communications tools can help.
  • Guidance on strategies and PR tactics that deliver results.

Watch this Fireside Chat for a discussion with Jon Barber, Vice President of Communications at ADNOC Distribution & Tom Otton, Managing Director at Create Media Group.

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