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AdWeek: The Intersection of Creativity and Technology - Prepare for the Rise of Web 3.0

While the two disciplines often seem to be in a conceptual wrestling match, modern marketing requires a symbiotic relationship between creativity and technology. As technology drives ahead, creativity can ensure it is properly mapped against human intent, interests, passions, the need for discovery, connectivity and marketplace conversations. This symbiosis will become even more crucial as Web 3.0 and the Metaverse emerge.

Join digital innovator Albert Thompson of Walton Isaacson and Meltwater’s Chris Caro for an informative look at how creativity and technology can work together effectively.

In this on-demand recording, you can expect to learn:

  • How marketing teams can marry creativity and technology through the use of social and digital intelligence, consumer insights, competitive intelligence, UGC and more
  • How "points of friction" can help define the role technology or creative plays in solving client or internal challenges
  • How to apply these principles to your strategic and creative processes to create winning campaigns in 2022

Albert Thompson

Managing Director, Digital, Walton Isaacson

Albert has always possessed a firm understanding of how technology has continued to transform the discipline of Marketing while disrupting today’s conventional consumer engagement models. Within the digital spectrum, his thought leadership lends strategic insight as to how overall Brand Strategy, Brand Perceptions, Consumer Expectations, and Purchase Behaviors continue to evolve as technology advances.  His Digital experience involves brand marketing for Lexus, McDonalds, NYPD, Medline, Spalding, LA Sparks, GSN, HBO, US Coast Guard, Harrah’s Casino, Toyota, Johnson Publishing, Hyatt, United Way, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Strayer, P&G Beauty, Colomer USA, Ford, Burger King, US Marines, HSBC Bank, Colgate and several start-up enterprises.  He currently leads Digital Innovation as the Managing Director, Digital at Walton Isaacson.

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