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FCT provides title insurance, default solutions, and other real estate-related services to thousands of lenders and legal professionals under the slogan "Experience Excellence." They rely on the Meltwater mobile app to engage with customers through social media and to stay ahead of industry news and developments while on the go.

Meltwater Enables FCT to

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Comprehensively manage all social accounts anywhere, anytime

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Share important articles with employees using an automated internal newsfeed

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Generate detailed reports directly from the platform

The Challenge

FCT's corporate affairs team is responsible for employee communications, media relations, government affairs, corporate social responsibility, and more. Before Meltwater Engage, the Corporate Affairs and Marketing teams struggled to monitor all of their social media channels and successfully engage with their followers. Tracking media stories featuring FCT and its competitors wasn't possible without a laptop. This made sharing the most important news and social posts internally a chore, as the team would have to open up nine different social sites and scroll post-by-post to find trending content within their community.

"There are so many things we can use the Meltwater platform for now, including listening to more conversations about people's first-hand experiences with our brand and using the dashboards to understand how we compare to our competition," says Corporate Affairs Manager Michelle Antunes.

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"We were using a different service for email alerts and Meltwater for monitoring, but when we saw what the new platform could do, we combined all of our usage on Meltwater."

Monica Aza, Corporate Affairs , FCT


Taking Full Advantage of a Powerful Platform 

FCT uses Meltwater Engage to simultaneously manage all social accounts across nine different product and service groups, from a single platform. The ability to schedule future posts and include imagery across all 9 accounts, all while using the mobile app on the go, has been a game changer for the team.

These time savings allow FCT to focus on implementing new strategies based on data pulled from their social dashboard, increase post frequency by 30%, and fine tune visuals to draw in readers. Results have come quickly, with a 15% increase in new followers across the board compared to the previous quarter.

Beyond engagement, Meltwater's monitoring capabilities across global and local Canadian markets alert FCT to top news articles in real-time. They review all of the mentions daily and channel the most insightful industry and competitor articles through their internal newsfeed, which keeps all employees up to speed on pertinent information.

Maria Policelli, Digital Media Specialist, FCT

"The mobile app is awesome. If I need to schedule a post I don't always hop on my computer. I can just do it from my phone."

Maria Policelli, Digital Media Specialist, FCT


Meltwater Helps FCT 

Manage multiple social accounts from a single dashboard 

"We have multiple product accounts in each social media channel, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. I use Meltwater Engage daily for listening and to schedule all of our social posts, even images, which is huge for us." 

— Maria Policelli, Digital Media Specialist 

Publish an information-rich internal newsfeed 

"It's my role to update our newsfeed, so every day I go through the hits based on the searches that we've created and look for the most relevant news articles and social media posts. Then I send these through the newsfeed with the click of my mouse. Employees value this resource for staying informed on the latest industry updates and developments."

— Monica Aza, Corporate Affairs 

Create unlimited, customized reports  

"I like being able to tap into Meltwater's self-service reporting capabilities with no extra fees. You can repeat reports as often as you like and customize the time range. With our previous platform a lot of the reporting was pay as you go, so if you wanted extra reporting it would cost you."

— Maria Policelli, Digital Media Specialist 

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