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Custom Reports

Creating business-critical reports takes time, patience and a never-ending supply of spreadsheets and pivot tables. We understand that time is precious and reporting might not be your forte, which is why we create custom reports on your behalf.

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Flexibility and Reliability

Unlike standard reports, Meltwater's bespoke reporting services allow you to pick and choose which metrics and analytics are analysed, rather than using templatised report options. Meltwater custom reports are also created by a team of analysts that integrate quantitative data with qualitative analysis. Whatever your requirements, our custom reporting capabilities will showcase the value and impact of the work you create.

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Your Report, Created To Your Specifications

While we provide a range of reporting services, sometimes you need things done your way - we get it. That's why we work with your requirements to curate and deliver custom reports based on your specifications and KPIs. Just let us know what type of report you need, and how you want the analytics and insights to be presented, and our team will help you make it happen.

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Our Reporting Team Does The Heavy Lifting For You

Tracking relevant metrics and proving ROI/attribution is more important than ever before, but understanding the impact of your paid, earned, shared and owned media efforts (across the funnel) can mean a lot of manual analysis, including consolidating data and metrics from different tools. Meltwater's custom reports save you time by streamlining your reporting efforts and doing the heavy lifting for you. 

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Finding Direction in a Sea of Data

Our analyst-created reports help executives understand key business drivers better, uncover industry trends or benchmark against competitors. Unlike default reports, custom reports leverage our team of experienced enterprise analysts who add objective quantitative and qualitative analysis to data.

This way, you have instant access to the what, why and where of emerging themes impacting your organisation. Whether your reporting requirements are focused on harnessing your consumer voice to inform product development, understanding trends to make sure your brand stays relevant or keeping tabs on your competitor's movements so you can remain agile – custom reports are created around your parameters to ensure you have access to the insights you need for important decisions.

Meltwater custom reports are often used by customers to:

  • Visualise the impact of PR and marketing campaigns in an integrated, intelligent and user-friendly way.
  • Make sense of data and metrics so you can distribute insights internally to key stakeholders.
  • Guide planning and implementation, so you can do more of what's working and save resources through optimisation.
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Eliminate Blind Spots

Thanks to AI, our media intelligence solution analyses more than 275,000 global online news data sources, comments, reviews, forums, message boards and over 300 million blog posts and social media conversations, in the blink of an eye. When it comes to reports, we pride ourselves on advancing from analytics to insights.

As a result, the custom reports we generate ensure that no stone is left unturned. Rely on us to provide you with a 360-degree view of your business, so that you always know exactly where you stand.

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What Custom Report Type Are You Looking For?

No matter what type of report you're looking for, we've got you covered. Here's a snapshot of the custom reports we regularly provide:

  • Monthly performance reports
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Annual performance reports
  • Campaign reports
  • Crisis reports

Transform your business with custom measurement and discover how you can add context to data with Meltwater's bespoke reports.

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Benefits of Meltwater's Custom Reporting Services

  • Meltwater clients use our custom reports to give them a comprehensive health check of their brand, product portfolio, industry and competitive position, while allowing them to understand the context of business-critical media insights, so they can quickly make smarter decisions across the board.

  • Meltwater customised manual reports help C-level executives obtain an unprecedented global perspective on the developing threats and opportunities impacting their company.

  • With Meltwater's custom reporting services, you can pick and choose which PR and marketing metrics are analysed rather than using template metrics.

  • Unlike standard reports, our custom reports are delivered, ready to present, in the format our clients require, without any heavy lifting on their side.

  • Our custom reports are powered by the best AI-crawling technology in the industry and built on the largest global news source base. The result? Our customers have the reassurance of having the complete picture of their marketing and communications performance.

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Lauren Hackett - Senior Vice President Global Communications, The Economist

Lauren Hackett - Senior Vice President Global Communications, The Economist

"One of the biggest challenges we had was putting that all together into a comprehensive, insightful presentation that would allow us to really have a clear picture of where we are across the board, also a deeper dive into the insights from there. Previously we had numbers, but we didn't know what was behind the numbers."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"I like to arrive in the morning, log into Meltwater, and get insight into everything that's happening, instantly."

Matthew Wurst, Head of Brand Marketing Operations, 360i

Matthew Wurst, Head of Brand Marketing Operations, 360i

"For us, Meltwater Social's ultimate value is aggregating content and data in one place and centralising communication protocols to enhance workflow and reduce cost and labour."

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