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What’s new within Meltwater? Explore the updates & functionality within our platform.

Explore the Latest Updates Within the Meltwater Platform

The Aurora Product Release highlights our commitment to capturing more content than anyone else in the industry, providing more ways to help customers transform analytical data into actionable insights, and improving the overall user experience.

Paid, owned and earned media don't work in isolation, and neither should teams. As the media landscape continues to converge, so do our solutions.

“We strive to bridge the gap between marketing, PR and communications teams on a global scale. We are excited to deliver on the types of integrated solutions that can help these teams work more collaboratively together,” said Niklas de Besche, Executive Director of Product at Meltwater.

These new updates to the Meltwater platform allow our 30,000 customers to focus on what’s truly important—analyzing your media coverage and identifying new distribution opportunities—by reducing the friction associated with finding relevant information, collaborating with team members, and generating reports.


An Overview of the Latest Features

  • Monitoring of 25,000+ podcasts

  • Twice the amount of Reddit content monitoring

  • Enhanced our global print and broadcast monitoring

  • The launch of Signals, real-time alerts on competitor news

  • New search, filtering and audience segmentation in Explore

  • Simplified dashboard and analytics workflows

  • Introduction of Quick Find search throughout the platform

  • Labels to help customers categorize searches and stay organized

  • Combined Searches, allowing customers to form complex searches

Want to know how Meltwater can help your team?


Listen up! Interest in podcasts is growing rapidly, with 32% of Americans now listening to podcasts monthly (up from 26% last year).

To help you understand and analyze this growing industry, our new podcast monitoring capabilities allow customers to stay on top of over 25,000 podcasts globally.

But that’s not all! We have also doubled our coverage of Reddit and expanded our print and broadcast coverage to include even more publications from around the world.


Today, business news moves at the pace of the newsfeed, meaning it’s easy for you to miss out on important updates about the businesses that matter to you.

Our new Signals functionality alerts customers instantly to market-moving news as it breaks, that way, you can respond and react to the events at the organizations that impact their business in real-time. No noise or delays—only quick insights.

We’ve also streamlined several workflows with Explore to help customers instantly find particular authors, compare searches, and access new dashboard templates. The improved dashboards allow customers to go from information to interactive insights in the click of a button.


As a busy PR or social media manager, you need insight and information at your fingertips to help you make informed decisions about your communications strategy.

With our new Quick Find feature, customers can easily access anything part of our product directly from the top navigation, saving time and clicks. Customers can also add Labels to searches to increase searchability and organization.

Finally, we’ve also introduced a Combined Search feature, which allows for sharing searches and filter sets across teams, ensuring more consistent reporting.

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