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TBWA\ is The Disruption® Company: the cultural engine for 21st-century business. We create disruptive ideas that locate and involve brands in culture, giving them a larger share of the future. TBWA\ partners with Meltwater to provide a holistic approach to data-driven planning.

Meltwater enables TBWA\ to:

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To gather immediate insights while eliminating the manual process

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Quantify opportunities in commerce spaces.

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Personalize consumer experiences

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All in one solution for social media monitoring & data-driven planning

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Reduced reporting time by 75%


TBWA\ needed to find a better solution for data-driven planning and social media monitoring especially when it came to sentiment analysis of digital campaigns and better quantifying opportunities in commerce spaces. 

In the past, TBWA\ had been using other tools; however, they needed one holistic platform that solved their multiple challenges. TBWA SA was looking for a solution for about six months before settling on Meltwater. 

“We have now been using Meltwater for about 18 months, and rarely a day passes that we don’t look to the platform for answers.”

Olivia Matterson, Data and Digital Strategy Lead for TBWA SA


Disruption is one of TBWA’s main differentiators, and they can only achieve that if they understand what is happening in culture and how they can play in it. 

Meltwater allows TBWA to stay updated with current trends within their clients’ industries with alert signals that feed into their internal and external communication with clients. The dashboards give them immediate insights while eliminating the manual gathering of relevant data. TBWA/ was able to reduce reporting time by 75%.

TBWA now has the added confidence when winning new business. They will be able to understand the consumers relevant to that industry and find the insights needed for strategic planning.  

For TBWA, the main advantage of using Meltwater was the added Meltwater Audience Intelligence functionality which has been hugely beneficial in helping them quantify opportunities and personalize consumer experiences. One of the most important aspects of digital is understanding where their clients’ consumers spend their time to allocate their media budget optimally, prioritise what delivers value, and understand their customers in the market with segment analysis.

“Working with Meltwater has been easy from the get-go. The training sessions were simple to follow and relevant to our industry, enabling our team to start immediately.”

Olivia Matterson, Data and Digital Strategy Lead for TBWA SA

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