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Moroccan Oil / DBL

Digital Business Lab works broadly with the Banking and Beauty industries, offering clients end-to-end social media solutions and strategy. The agency’s expertise lies in social media, and approaches challenges with creativity and agility. With the team’s expert knowledge and experience in digital business, they provide pragmatic, affordable and business-centric solutions to clients.

Meltwater Enables Digital Business Lab to

Identify and target local influencers

Evaluate influencer profiles en masse

Automate a large amount of PR tasks


Moroccanoil – an Israeli luxury beauty brand that specialises in hair and body care products, approached Digital Business Lab (DBL) to help market their product line in South Korea. Penetrating one of the world’s biggest market in beauty products, DBL was challenged to identify ways to introduce Moroccanoil to a market that is already saturated with domestic competitors. Part of which was to find the perfect influencers to deliver the value of the brand to the South Korean audience.

Alongside their established reach to their followers, each influencer had to meet a set of matching criteria in order to be considered, with metrics including true reach, engagement rate, audience demographic, age, gender and top countries. Many South Korean influencers have followers across the world. The most crucial challenge was to uncover influencers who have considerable domestic followers.

DBL needed a tool that could complement their already deep knowledge of the Asian market, and combine the search elements and the domestic know-how to identify as many suitable profiles as possible.

"Having more than 5 years of experience as a South Korean marketing specialist, the key to mastering influencer marketing campaigns is to keep up with the rapidly changing trends and popular sentiments. In addition, we needed to have quick access to actionable insights by combining all aspects of social media marketing, such as content marketing, social account management, advanced auditing & analysis, etc."

Sue Sujin Park, Digital Marketing Account Manager, Digital Business Lab


In Extensive Influencer Database and Advanced Analytics

Combining Meltwater’s extensive influencer database and advanced analytics, the data-driven approach aligned the way DBL was able to evaluate influencer profiles for Moroccanoil. Meltwater helped to uncover powerful insights about the influencers, and easily scan for profiles that target specific demographics such as age group, gender and location within the South Korean market. This facilitated the entire end-to-end process of the influencer activation campaigns.


With Meltwater, DBL was also able to monitor local coverage and report on marketing campaigns to deliver well-organised and well-informed reports to stakeholders for the distributors in South Korea and Moroccanoil HQ in Israel.

With a robust influencer discovery tool in place, DBL was able to deliver on Moroccanoil’s campaign objectives seamlessly, with social media engagement increasing by 26.8K and reach by 272.5K on average across the campaign versus previous campaigns.