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A person sits in an office chair in front of two monitors showing analytics charts for a Meltwater customer story about Luscid.


Despite the breadth of data available today, many brands still enter marketing sponsorships based on individual preferences and gut feelings. Partnership insight platform Luscid brings the sponsorship process into the 21st century, using data to empower brands to better understand how customer’s behaviors, brand values, and business goals align with potential global sports and entertainment partnerships. Using the Meltwater API, Luscid replaces gut feelings with reliable data, helping brands find the most relevant, impactful sponsorship opportunities. Here’s how Meltwater helps drive Luscid’s innovations.

Meltwater helps Luscid:

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Access on-demand API support from initial idea to launch

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Evaluate nearly 100 different brand values against 87 different passion points and genres

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Let customers determine brand-sponsorship fit with a click

API-Building Support from Development to Launch

For brands and their agencies, evaluating a sports or entertainment sponsorship is an important but imprecise task. Partnering with rights holders — like sports teams, cultural landmarks, athletics tournaments, museums, and more — has significant business impacts, but too often, brands evaluate these opportunities based on assumptions and opinions. 

To help bring precision and certainty to the process, Luscid developers needed a way to analyze brands and audiences at scale. They turned to Meltwater for the global data scope their vision required. “Meltwater was by far and away the most wide-ranging social listening solution for analyzing all sorts of different brand values for different brands that want to say different things to the world,” says Luscid Co-Founder and CEO Harry Coe.

From the start, Luscid's Meltwater team supported the nascent company through the complex API process. “We had calls with Meltwater from quite early on in our life cycle giving us a lot of background on how the Meltwater API would work, how the data is served up, and what options are available to us,” says Luscid Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Damien Gillman. “The team had that flexibility to work with us and understand this complex thing we were doing. It always felt as though they were going to do everything they could to help us from a tech perspective.” After a year of building, Luscid launched early in 2023 with robust brand fit analysis capabilities, powered by Meltwater.

Efficient Brand Analysis through Seamless API Integration

The Luscid platform evaluates sponsorship opportunities through many different lenses, but the brand fit analysis driven by the Meltwater API is a customer favorite. “Brand fit is probably one of the most subjective aspects of marketing. We've all been around meeting room tables where conversations about brand fit turn into he said, she said scenarios,” says Gillman.

With Meltwater’s globe-spanning social, media, and consumer intelligence, the Luscid platform can, at any one time, evaluate nearly 100 different brand values against 87 different passion points and genres across international markets. Sentiment breakdown, geographic distribution, and other enrichments helps Luscid offer brand fit analyses that get to the core of brand identities and audience motivations.

For the customer, the Meltwater API’s seamless integration with Luscid technology makes for an experience that’s as efficient as it is insightful. “Being able to utilize data to understand brand fit in a very accurate way is probably one of the most well-received aspects of our platform, and that's the element that Meltwater ultimately sits behind.”

“There are lots of different social listening sources, but how Meltwater’s technology and our technology can speak to one another is the real secret to creating an overall experience for our customers that works.”

Damien Gillman, Chief Strategy Officer, Luscid

The power and flexibility of the Meltwater API helped Luscid make sponsorship decision-making a data-driven process. See how Meltwater could make your organization’s analytical dreams come true with a custom demo.