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Energy PR

For nearly three decades, Energy PR has helped brilliant UK businesses get their voices out into the world. Offering a range of key services — from digital PR and media relations to content marketing and social media to insights and strategy — this small but mighty firm helps B2B and B2C organizations meet their business goals by using audience behaviors as the foundations for their strategies. This audience-centric approach — requiring quick access to actionable social and media insights — made Energy PR a perfect match for the data-rich Meltwater Suite. Here’s how our partnership has helped Energy PR get more client wins.

Meltwater helps Energy PR:

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Land new business

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Retain clients and drive their success

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Tap into a community of industry professionals

“With Meltwater, you can really get to the heart of a subject — how people feel about it, how mentions have gone up, what the sentiment of a conversation is, where the conversations are happening. That's really valuable from a new business point of view.”

Sarah Evans, Head of Digital, Energy PR

Insights that win new business

Meltwater’s social listening and media intelligence suite gives Energy PR a capability that its competitors often lack: limitless discovery. 

Unlimited searches and keyword monitoring let the agency focus on understanding prospective clients’ business environments, audiences, and needs without worrying about plan limits or upcharges. With a cost-effective way to understand what makes prospects and their audiences tick, Energy PR can prepare confident pitches with data-driven strategies that work. So when one prospective client turned to the agency for a new approach to SEO, Energy PR used Meltwater to offer a more effective path forward.

 “We were able to show them where their audience was actually spending time, and how to connect with them, so they could find new opportunities to stand out and leave their competitors fighting it out in generic search,” explains Sarah Evans, Energy PR’s Head of Digital. “The strategy completely flows out of insight we find in Meltwater. It really gives us an edge in a new business pitch or in a campaign proposal because we get to the heart of something that our competitors might not.”

Energy PR’s in-house expertise combined with Meltwater consumer intelligence helps the agency land more accounts. Then, after prospects become clients, the partnership helps retain them.

Value adds that retain clients

Energy PR account executives and managers access the Meltwater Suite daily to stay on top of the media mentions, online conversations, and industry trends that impact their clients most. The insights they uncover help them refine strategies, inspire content, and pass those insights on to clients. Plus, as Energy PR saves time with Meltwater for media monitoring, so do its clients with the agency’s marketing reports. “We create round-ups for our clients that they love because we sift through industry news that they don't necessarily have time to do,” says Evans. “We send them to the entire marketing team or even the management team, as an added value.”

When clients need an in-depth look at a topic, conversation, or trend, Energy PR uses Meltwater to provide it. Access to historical editorial data as far back as 2009 gives the agency a long view of how metrics like conversation sentiment or brand share of voice have changed over time.

“With Meltwater, you can really hone in on things like sentiment or qualitative details that bring it to life; it just gives the analysis a whole new layer,” Evans shares. “It's so rewarding to present our findings to a client, especially in an industry that’s quite niche, and be able to get to the heart of their audiences, and have them say, ‘You’re spot on.’”

Energy PR uses Meltwater’s depth and breadth of data, presented in easy-to-understand analytics visualisations, to build PR stories that illustrate its strategies and path to success to clients. With accurate analytics that yield actionable insights, the agency can prove its value to clients again and again.

Skill-Building Customer and Peer Support

The seeds for Energy PR’s successful partnership with Meltwater were sown in the thorough onboarding process. Tailored training sessions, attentive account managers, and responsive customer support helped ensure that the agency could take full advantage of the Suite from the start. From there, resources like live chats, Boolean query guides, and regular product updates make it easy to stay in step with platform evolutions and execute in-depth, ad-hoc research.

As a small team that covers a lot of ground, Energy PR also finds value in the connections Meltwater fosters in its customer network. Throughout the year, clients have the opportunity to connect through in-person events and online knowledge sharing via our sself-service community platform. “I really like all of the community-based stuff, like Meltwater events,” Evans says. “Getting extra intel about the industry and meeting other people in the same kind of roles is really valuable.” 

From business-winning intelligence to team upskilling support, Meltwater expands Energy PR’s capacities and offerings by becoming an extension of the agency’s team. What could the data-rich Meltwater Suite do for you?