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An image of someone spreading tomato sauce on a pizza base. This image is being used for a customer story explaining how Meltwater aids Domino's with its social media strategy.

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza France used to rely on an agency for its social media management. Not anymore. As one of the largest international fast food companies with 16,000 points of sale around the world, it needs an engaging, highly-responsive online presence. Outsourced social media content, monitoring, and reporting hampered the brand’s connection with fans and didn’t leverage the commercial growth opportunities social marketing can offer. When it decided to bring its social media operations in-house in 2021, Domino’s Pizza France replaced its agency with Meltwater.

Meltwater enables Domino's Pizza to:

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Save time and money by consolidating social media workflows

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Drive a 5000% increase in social media engagement in a single campaign

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Manage influencer partnerships

“Meltwater allows us to personalize our social media approach. Above all, it shows that the brand is interested in the customers”

Chloé Allègre, Social Media Project Manager, Domino’s Pizza France

“The challenge was finding a tool that did everything the agency had done before,” says Chloé Allègre, Social Media Project Manager at Domino’s. “Meltwater for food & beverage offers us an all-in-one software where we can respond to all of our followers on all platforms, build reports, and monitor what is said on social media, plus the influencer part. It’s more practical. It’s a total package.”

Consolidated social media workflows

Domino’s Pizza France needs compatible solutions to carry out its brand monitoring, campaign tracking, and performance analysis. It uses Meltwater’s Analyze to create monthly custom performance reports, Monitor for media monitoring to track what people are saying about Domino’s and its competitors, and Engage to manage social media responses to its followers across social accounts. 

Gaining control of each facet of its social media operations enabled Domino’s to develop from a fragmented, campaign-by-campaign approach to strategic, data-driven social media management. Now, when it executes campaigns, it gets an accurate picture of what resonated with whom, complete with conversation sentiment analysis and audience demographics. Robust analytics show the social team whether it is on track to achieve its KPIs or needs to adjust targeting to maximize success.

Having a consolidated integrated platform saves the social media team valuable time and broadens its analytic capabilities to suit its worldwide audience. “This allows us to have a global vision not only of the brand image but also of our recipe campaigns, which are very important for us,” says Allègre. Custom reports tell the team which pizza recipes are most popular in which communities, data that serves not only its marketing strategies but also the company’s product development efforts. Luckily, the data extracted is accessible and actionable beyond the platforms’ main users. Shareable dashboards and reporting slides make it easy to send valuable findings to cross-team stakeholders. 

Meltwater lets Domino’s build a knowledge base about its audience that grows with every brand mention and social media post. With social intelligence data at its fingertips, it can evolve alongside its customers instead of playing catch-up.

Traffic-boosting community management and social media engagement

With Meltwater for food & beverage, Domino’s can speak to its customers with an immediacy and familiarity it never could before. Doing away with time-consuming, back-and-forth processes, the social media team uses Monitor to stay in the loop on conversations about the brand and pizza industry, and Engage to create outputs that resonate with its followers — nearly one million across five social platforms. 

Real-time traffic spike alerts and unified inboxes ensure that it can act at the speed of the web. Message filtering and prior interaction histories speed up its response times and create seamless, personalized customer experiences. Plus, instant analytics surfacing content with the most reach, engagement, and social echo allow it to tailor social posts to the topics and conversations its audience cares about most, in real time. With increased responsiveness, Domino’s saw greater customer satisfaction and follower retention.

Such was the case when a K-pop group promoted Domino’s in a song. An alert immediately notified the team of the resulting spike in engagement and brand mentions, letting them take advantage of the conversation while it was hot. “The fans told us that we had to make a collab with the K-pop group. Engage allowed us to bounce back on that, to exchange and to laugh with consumers, and they appreciated that a lot,” Allègre says. “We had an increase of engagement by 5,000% on our social media and got 50,000 likes on that tweet alone, thanks to Meltwater.” 

Influencer discovery and campaign management

Domino’s also uses Meltwater to capitalize on untapped partnership opportunities. Building on community and audience segment data from Engage, it uses Klear, Meltwater's influencer marketing platform to collaborate with content creators who are a perfect fit for the brand. Location, interest, following, and platform filters give them the power to tailor influencer searches to specific campaign needs.

When Domino’s needed content creators for a Halloween UGC campaign that invited customers to decorate a slice of pizza with hot sauce, Allègre used Klear’s location and interest filters to dial in on food and humor influencers. She then checked out their comprehensive profiles — including links to social accounts, campaign histories, and contact information — to identify influencers who would drum up participation, appeal to the brand’s audience, and introduce it to new ones. “This campaign was a success on our different social media profiles, so the platform helped us a lot,” Allègre explains. “We use Klear almost every day to search for micro and nano influencers.”

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