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DNV GL Healthcare

DNV GL Healthcare, a business unit within DNV GL, serves the global healthcare community by providing hospital accreditation. The initials stand for Det Norske Veritas, or 'the Norwegian truth,' which guides their pursuit to safeguard life, property, and the environment. They rely on Meltwater for critical industry insights.

Meltwater Enables DN VGL Healthcare to

Surface industry-relevant content, while filtering out the noise

Free up the bandwidth needed to identify new growth opportunities

Pull retroactive content to learn from past industry mishaps


Monitoring All Vital Signs 

Research is central to what makes DNV GL Healthcare a leader in the hospital accreditation industry, a well-controlled, highly competitive and exceedingly confidential market space. Effective risk management requires extensive data on mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, and complaints and litigation. And any gaps in intelligence gathering can present a risk to the business itself.

Gathering comprehensive intelligence was top priority for both accreditation and marketing sides of the business. The marketing division needed a better grasp on company awareness and wanted to enhance their social presence. The accreditation division needed to stay in the know about high-risk activities in hospital settings. Without a monitoring tool in place, filtering out irrelevant mentions became a full-time job. 

Director of Accreditation Troy McCann says, "We had 10 people watching 10 different newsfeeds and sources. We were essentially watching independently instead of having relevant news sent directly to us. Receiving articles in real-time allows us to group internally and effectively take the best course of action." 

"We've seen direct time savings by relying on Meltwater's twice daily feeds, instead of manually scouring for news article. The news I receive through Meltwater is reliable, and I no longer feel the need to open up the top two or three publications each morning because I know Meltwater has me covered."

Troy McCann, Director of Accreditation of DN VGL


A Platform for Fine-Tuned Searches, and More 

Scrolling through thousands of mentions a day, hoping to catch all business sensitive material, is no more. Since selecting to Meltwater, DNV Global Healthcare monitors all 2,400 accredited hospitals through custom searches, capturing additional meaningful content and automatically eliminating irrelevant articles.

Instead of asking for a list of keywords to monitor, their Meltwater rep held a business review where each department at DNV GL Healthcare shared their desired results and output. Their rep quickly narrowed down the number of daily articles received, while at the same time ensuring nothing critical was lost.

"Focusing on reoccurring themes and variables included in relevant articles helped us filter out the chaff and tighten our search parameters. Since subscribing to Meltwater for Healthcare & Pharma, we have received more meaningful articles, and lost nothing important to our business," Troy recalls. 

Additional bandwidth is spent analyzing overall brand awareness, identifying avenues for marketing and growth—including on social media—and to equipping staff to respond quickly to clients and potential new business opportunities. 

"A lot of companies make you pay extra for customization, like additional users, retroactive searches and reporting, posting to social channels, or even number of consultancy meetings. Meltwater offers all of this at a flat rate. Their all-inclusive service reassures us there's no hidden agenda."

Troy McCann, Director of Accreditation of DN VGL


Meltwater Helps DN VGL Healthcare 

Receive personalized guidance for optimizing your media strategies

"Our support rep ran an Executive Business Review where he took time to learn our business, understand the 'why' behind our goals, and set up searches to ensure our expectations were met. The care didn't stop there, he now proactively calls us with suggestions on how to continually optimize our account."

— Troy McCann, Director of Accreditation 

Grow brand awareness and shape future content  

"We currently use social media as a tool to grow brand awareness by re-posting hospital accreditation announcements and to listen for healthcare pain points within the community. When we do begin publishing our own content, we'll know what posts our target market shares and engages with the most."

— Carlee Holzhalb, Regional Marketing Manager 

Utilize retroactive searching to avoid repeating past industry mistakes 

"While Meltwater keeps us ahead of industry trends and happenings in real-time. We also do retroactive searches on past cases of negligence within the healthcare industry to learn from past mishaps and proactively improve the healthcare community."

— Troy McCann, Director of Accreditation