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Arts and crafts is a thriving global market, valued at an estimated $30.24 billion. For U.S.-based brand Cricut, the potential to tap into international markets seemed limitless, especially in the age of content creation, TikTok videos, and Pin-spiration. It’s these very factors that gave influencer marketing a permanent place in the brand’s playbook, but it needed a better way to find, recruit, and manage influencers around the world.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing helped Cricut:

Find global nano-influencers in every market

Localize communications, content, and payment for influencers

Increase overseas market share with highly engaged global teams

Headquartered in the U.S., Cricut has marketing teams based all around the world. Its previous influencer marketing solution stifled its success by only supporting influencer contracts in English and payments in USD. It also focused on mega and celebrity influencers, not considering nano-influencers and micro-influencers. As a result, the brand struggled to connect with influencers in global markets and left niche opportunities on the table.

Cricut switched to Klear for its international influencer marketing enablement, and it’s improving the brand’s efforts for the better.

Discover New Talent at the Nano Level

Before Meltwater, Cricut’s marketing teams struggled to recruit and manage new influencers. Big-name influencers with large followings are only part of the influencer marketing ecosystem, and Cricut lacked access to niche influencers who could help them grow their reach authentically.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing's influencer discovery feature knows no borders. Marketing teams in and outside of the United States can use Meltwater's extensive database to find influencers in specific markets. Meltwater offers multiple filter options, such as audience size, geographic location, engagement rates, and more. Marketers are able to connect with nano-influencers and micro-influencers who were inaccessible with the brand’s former solution.

Having new talent to pull from has helped the brand ramp up its awareness campaigns and has increased the volume of influencers identified in international markets. More influencer partners means more opportunities to connect with and inspire current and potential customers.

Localize Influencer Marketing Initiatives for Better Engagement

Meltwater Influencer Marketing is built for international influencer marketing because we know brands know no boundaries when it comes to growth. Before Meltwater, Cricut struggled to connect with influencers outside of the U.S. market because of language and payment barriers.

Now with Meltwater Influencer Marketing, marketing teams can localize their influencer contracts using the language their influencers prefer. Teams don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they connect with an influencer in an international territory. Contracts can be created one time and be ready to deploy for signing. This has enhanced communications between in-house marketing teams and influencers, ensuring they agree on all terms and setting up every influencer for success.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing's KlearPay tool lets Cricut pay their influencers in local currencies rather than a one-size-fits-all currency. Influencers rely on the local factor to help them negotiate payment terms and understand how they’re being compensated before coming on board. With a clearer understanding of the partnership, more influencers are collaborating with Cricut to help spread their brand awareness.

Maximize Brand Awareness with Better Influencer Partners

Without a unified solution to localize and manage all communications from a company level, individual marketing units were left to find their own solutions and processes. This led to a disjointed approach to influencer marketing and a lack of reporting continuity.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing provides the anchor to Cricut’s influencer marketing strategy. It enables all marketing teams to pull from the same data, manage campaigns in one place, and track efforts at varying depths of detail. No longer reliant on multiple systems and processes, Cricut can better attribute brand awareness, sales, and engagement by market and as a whole. 

With more influencer partners on board, Cricut has increased its total brand awareness across all markets as a direct result of its influencers. Its overseas market share has increased, thanks to a highly engaged global team. 

With Meltwater Influencer Marketing's centralized data reporting, marketing teams can easily see how their influencers are making an effort and which influencers are adding the most impact and value to the brand. Meltwater Influencer Marketing vets influencers prior to establishing partnerships by assigning a Meltwater influence score. This is one piece of data the brand can use to form the best partnerships and make optimal use of their influencer marketing budget.

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