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Asana knows all about getting things done efficiently. As an industry-leading work management platform, it helps organizations orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives. But as the company continues to serve more complex enterprise customers, it requires a media intelligence solution that can provide data to help support compelling stories highlighting how Asana enables the world’s organizations to achieve their most ambitious goals. Asana leverages Meltwater to monitor the rapidly evolving media landscape and gather insights to fuel media strategy around product launches, corporate messaging, and brand reputation.

Meltwater helps Asana:

Consolidate media monitoring

Strategize around real-time competitive intelligence

Consistently quantify and communicate media results

“Meltwater helps us focus on the things that matter most to our communications objectives and the stories that are critical for us to tell.”

— Asana Communications Team

Consolidated Social and Media Monitoring

Organizations worldwide use Asana as a single source of truth to connect company-wide goals to the work needed to achieve them—across teams and functions. But when Asana’s communications team needs a single source of truth for media intelligence, it turns to Meltwater. “The Meltwater Media Intelligence Suite is a way for us to stay connected around the different insights and media articles that we're thinking about as a team,” said the Asana Comms team. “It connects media coverage with public chatter, enabling us to measure the impact of our work.” 

Before Meltwater, Asana’s communications team manually tracked media coverage. The process took up valuable time and resulted in surface-level insights. Explore, Meltwater's social listening platform, helps Asana’s team conduct media monitoring in one central hub that saves time and helps inform strategic decision-making.

“It's easy to just go into Meltwater, make reporting updates, and save them,” said the Asana communications team. “There's not a lot of back and forth needed to ensure that we’re effectively tracking daily media conversations and coverage.” This leaves Asana’s communications team with more time to focus on storytelling and engaging targeted enterprise publications.

Real-time alerts let the communications team immediately know when a media mention of the company is gaining traction on social media and, most importantly, why. This helps the team understand what is resonating with its target social audiences. Instead of observing media impact, Asana uses Meltwater to play an active role in shaping it. When the team wanted to drive deeper penetration across publications targeting specific audience demographics, they used Meltwater to understand their current penetration. “By analyzing the media landscape, we were able to identify gaps and develop a more targeted approach,” explained the Asana communications team. Connecting the dots across social and PR is now as easy as logging into Explore

Customized Media Impact Analysis

Asana’s upmarket growth presented a new challenge to the communications team: How could it access a more in-depth understanding of the media landscape? The team wanted to move away from share of voice as a measure of impact but was unsure how. “That's where Meltwater came in,” the Asana communications team explains. “The Media Impact Index was a very powerful selling point in terms of how we could consistently communicate results internally and show our impact in a more sophisticated, holistic way.”

Customized to the company’s marketing goals and corporate messaging, the Media Impact Index scores Asana’s coverage on a scale of 0 to 100 based on a combination of volume, prominence, social echo, and sentiment. High scores indicate successful outcomes, like numerous social shares, key message pull-through, or presence in enterprise-focused outlets. So when coverage in one publication consistently scores high on the Index, the communications team can feel confident in prioritizing outreach to that outlet over other, lower-scoring ones.

Because the Media Impact Index is accurate, quantifiable, and replicable, it also gives Asana a reliable way to track the performance of competitors. “By becoming more specific about how we track the impact of our work and taking that fine-tooth comb to coverage across the whole competitive landscape, we can assess the work management media market in total,” the Asana communications team says. 

Proactive Professional Services Worldwide

Asana’s competitive advantage with the Media Impact Index comes alive at the end of each quarter in the extensive reports that Meltwater's Suite for enterprises develops. Combining intuitive infographics with executive summaries and insights, the reports give Asana a clear, demonstrable view of how it measures up against other industry players.

“The visual nature of the quarterly reports, alongside the data-driven insights, made our results easier to digest and amplify internally,” said the Asana communications team. The comprehensive reports help the team highlight successes over time, like increases in social shares and engagements or improved sentiment in target publications, that they couldn’t easily quantify in the past. 

Meltwater is always available for fast insights and timely support. With experts worldwide, Enterprise Professional Services is on call for ad-hoc requests, whether from an Asana colleague in Sydney or San Francisco. When they want context for a trending topic or mentions spike, Meltwater checks it off Asana’s to-do list with quick-turnaround insights and analytic dashboards. 

“Meltwater works with us in Asana, which is super helpful. We're in each other's tools and know them really well,” the Asana communications team explained. The seamless collaboration lets the team quickly share the latest insights on the work management media landscape with cross-functional team members.

Asana is focused on driving daily conversations around enabling the world’s organizations to work more effectively so they can achieve their business-critical goals. Meltwater media intelligence solutions enable the team to shape and pivot their approach to drive the greatest impact.

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