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Meltwater Named One of the Top 50 Best Products for Marketers in 2020

May 6, 2020

As we continue to lead in media intelligence across the globe, we, at Meltwater, are honored to hold an elite place as one of the Top 50 Best Products for Marketers 2020, recently announced by the independent reviewer, G2.

As the largest tech marketplace for businesses, G2 is changing the way decisions are made. Until recently, selecting business solutions was hard, risky, and inherently biased. G2's real-time and unbiased user reviews help objectively assess what is best for businesses by leveraging the crowd, limiting the risk, and getting what works.

Their prestigious awards list is independently compiled based on thousands of reviews from real customers of various SaaS companies. These software tools are then rated against competitors, and their pros and cons are distinguished. We are grateful to our 30 000 clients globally who rated Meltwater’s media intelligence tool as one of the best in the world, and we are pleased to be ranked as one of the best products for Marketers in 2020.

With the way that the needs of PR, Communications and Marketing teams are constantly changing, we have continued to innovate and look for ways to add features that improve the efforts of our customers. This is what we achieved with Fjord, our latest product release that enables comprehensive AI-powered insights and breaks down the silos between PR and Marketing, by offering an all-in-one solution. The platform prioritizes simplicity yet still captures more content than anyone else within the industry. If you are looking for a solution that will advance your analytics into insights, let Meltwater show you how here.

But while we are a tech company, and still hold the fresh, start-up culture within our organization, our customers have also enjoyed the content we provide them on a weekly and monthly basis. From our blog articles to our webinars and guides that are freely available resources, we have ensured that we not only build a formidable platform but build valuable content - solidifying our place not only as one of the best marketing tools of 2020 but true global leaders in media intelligence.

In addition to having an award-winning tool, the support structure that Meltwater offers - in terms of dedicated Account Managers, 24/7 Live Chat, and plenty of product-related resources - is also of the highest standard.

One of our clients said of our Support Team, “The support [team] is also amazing and goes above and beyond to understand what our company's mission is and how they can support that mission. The software is also very user friendly and I have picked up many tricks by using it.”

What Makes Meltwater The Best for Marketers?

When it comes to marketing, you cannot measure what you cannot manage. But with Meltwater, we are helping to change that for marketers. We have the largest media database in the world, so tracking and analyzing media mentions, as well as social listening, has been a feature that marketers love about Meltwater, and a feature that is highly rated on G2.

This speaks to the investments and acquisitions that we have made over the years to ensure that we remain the chosen all-in-one tool for Marketers, helping Marketing professionals around the world consolidate their efforts, and prove the worth of their efficient work. We know that digital data is always growing, and at an exponential rate. But we lead in this industry because of how we can apply AI to spot trends, track and analyze content, and help our customers find the right influencers to engage with.

But it doesn’t stop and end there for us. We also pride ourselves in bringing advanced analytics through our dedicated team of media analysts as well as morning reports delivered right to your inbox. We understand the importance of not only tracking the mentions that matter, but proving the marketer’s efforts through our Meltwater reports.

Another client said of their Meltwater Reports, “The most helpful thing about Meltwater are the Morning Meltwater Reports. They help my team stay on top of mentions in the media and on social media. Meltwater acts as the eyes and ears for our brand. I don’t know what we would do without them.”

Award Highlights

“It is such an honor to be recognized on G2’s list of the Top 50 Best Products for Marketers in 2020. We are thrilled to be in the Top 20, amongst some of the most effective marketing tools of the year. We’re also incredibly grateful to the thousands of Meltwater clients around the world, for using and reviewing our Marketing software!” said Angela Wiesenmüller, Marketing Director for EMEA at Meltwater.

With technology that can decode billions of data in real-time, the Meltwater solution:

  • Measures your PR’s impact
  • Connects you with influencers and journalists to generate earned media
  • Creates presentation-ready reports to prove your ROI

“I love the Outreach tool that allows me to contact the media directly in the program and track who read, skimmed, or ignored my messages. This allows me to adequately follow with specific people. Another great feature is the reporting capabilities Meltwater has,” said one validated G2 reviewer.

Recognized as a high performing tool for those working in PR, we are proud to also be named in the Top 10 PR Analytics Software, as well as a being named a High Performer, based on the reviews of customers and the criteria that:

  • Our product is easy to use
  • Our product has a high quality of support
  • Our product is easy to set up

“The ease of use is wonderful. It allows me to get my information out to the contacts I want. I appreciate the fact that I can organize my contacts by groups. The feature that is most helpful to me is being able to search for news contacts in different areas of the country. I also can check with the local area to update old emails as well.” - Validated G2 reviewer

Along with being named as one of the best marketing tools in 2020, we have also received the following the G2 Awards and badges for 2020 in the PR Analytics category:

  • Overall Leader
  • Leader Mid-Market
  • Leader Enterprise
  • Most Implementable Mid-Market
  • Best Relationship Mid-Market

As an independent review platform, G2 has over one million validated user reviews, amplifying the voice of customers and users while playing a role in decision making through transparency. An award like this shows our consistency in being one of the best tools for marketers, but achieving success while doing it.

From our employees across 60 global offices to all our valued customers, thank you for your trust in our product and capability to lead as we do. We are honored for an achievement like this and we look forward to bringing you only the best in media and business intelligence in 2020 and beyond.